Let's Us Find Out What Tax Help You Need

Different problems need different solutions. Let's start by identifying the type of help you need, so we can provide the best path forward for you.

We take the stress out of tax preparation, eliminate uncertainty in the decision making process, and we’re here for you.

Tax Preparations

Our expert tax preparers have an in-depth understanding of expat tax laws, and we guarantee the accuracy of every tax return and other document we file on your behalf. If we make a mistake, we will cover all associated penalties.

Business Taxes

Imperial tax offers more than just basic tax preparation. We are available year-round to provide comprehensive tax and planning services to our clients. Our team is committed to quick responses anytime you have a question or concern.

Corporate Taxes

tax preparation does not have to be complicated. With our help, you can save both time and money. We aim to make the tax preparation process as simple as possible so you get excellent results without the hassle.

Stocks, Investments and Tax bonds

Imperial Tax takes the privacy and security of every client seriously. We use advanced technology to protect all the information and documents you submit to us. We also stand behind our services in the event of an audit, allowing you to rest easy.



Sharita is very patient with people not experienced with the tax system and professional in his approach. He is providing lots of information for those not familiar with taxes so that one could easy understand the strong points or the weak points of personal taxation in more than one jurisdiction. He is helpful for people who have to file tax

Michael has been a great asset to me in preparing my tax returns in a prompt fashion. His expertise in tax matters was an important factor in me selecting him to do my taxes along with the reasonable pricing. But, I think the more equally if not more important factor is his willingness to go the extra mile to make sure that all your questions are answered promptly and him keeping things simple for people like myself who lacks understanding on tax related matters. Thanks for the great service!!

As an expat living abroad, I've always attempted to file my own taxes, but the process was stressful and e-filing programs like turbotax seemed to cater more for people living and working in the US rather than in a foreign country. This year I decided to engage imperial tax upon a recommendation from a fellow expat. The process was far better than trying to file on my own. imperial tax and their team at Tax Samaritan were responsive, fast, and affordable. They made the process of filing taxes painless and easy. I highly recommend them and will certainly work with them in the future.

Imperial tax did way more of service that expected…beyond the call of duty!!! I must have sent over 50 emails asking questions and not only did he respond to EVERY one of them, he responded extremely fast (in some emails it was within minutes). He provided all the information I needed. However, there was the way that he responded that made me take noticed. their emails were very warm and respectful. I hate to say this but this is not what I was expecting from normal tax services (from my experience not very good). This makes imperial a special case and strongly recommended. I came in completely blind on how to resolve my compliance and taxes. imperial lead me all the way to the finish line. If it was not about taxes, I would almost call them a friend and a mentor as that is how the relationship came out to be. All I can say is WOW! Amazing and imperial is the company to solve all your needs!!!